RO Pure Water Sales Nottingham

High Quality Reverse Osmosis Pure Water Supplied @ 000 ppm & Checked Daily

Reverse Osmosis Pure Water For Window Cleaning

Plumtree Window Cleaning supply high quality RO pure water in Nottingham.
We stock over 4000 litres at any one time.
Simply fill up your water tank using our fast transfer pump.

Reasons why window cleaners buy water from us:
  • On a water meter at home or at lock up
  • Live in a flat with no outside space
  • No driveway at home & don't want hoses trailing over pavement
  • Rented property and landlord will not allow r.o set up
  • Do not want an r.o set up in your van
  • Resin and r.o membrane costs are too high
  • No longer want to waste money on renting a lock up
  • No fear of freezing up over winter

  • 325 litres £12.00 | 650 litres £24.00 | 1000 litres £36.00 | Minimum Charge £12.00

    Pure Water Sales:
    Plumtree Window Cleaning Ltd
    Unit 6
    Colliers Business Park
    Fieldfare Road
    NG12 3UL

    Appointment Only - Call Us - 0115 784 1598