Window Cleaning & Gutter Cleaning Franchise


Plumtree Window Cleaning are a well known domestic window cleaning & gutter cleaning company. We clean windows and clear out gutters in over 150 towns and villages in Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire & Leicestershire. We have a solid reputation for providing a quality window cleaning service whilst offering excellent customer care.

To continue our expansion plans we are offering various franchise opportunities for suitable applicants to benefit from our experience running a successful window cleaning company.

Why would you want to become self-employed and run your own business?

There are many good reasons for this:

  • Independence
  • Pride of ownership
  • Control over your future
  • Rewards according to the effort you put in
  • Not having to work for a low hourly pay
  • No fear of redundancy
  • You decide how much you earn each week
  • You have more control over how many hours you work

What is the single most likely reason which discourages anyone from starting their own window cleaning business?

The question: “Will I be able to find enough work to pay my bills, and make a living?” Plumtree Window Cleaning’s franchise is unique because we supply you with an agreed amount of repeat work, so the worry of setting up your own business is taken away. We supply you with a base round so you are earning from day one, then build up the round to an agreed level.

There is no pressure, you reach the level that suits you. Some of our franchise owners are perfectly happy working 30 hours a week and earning a very good income, others want more. Some of our franchise owners have multi-van franchises. We will grow your business to a level we both agree is right for you. We will also help you to set up your accounts and update your daily records until you are confident to do so yourself.

Why buy a Franchise?

You buy into a tried and proven system which has been running for many years, so you know it works. Help is always at hand from people who have made and overcome all the usual mistakes, so you don’t have to. You are your own boss without the worry of “going it alone”.

How much does it cost?

Our franchise package costs just £11,995.00

Included in the package is all the equipment that you will need to clean windows using the water fed pole method & to clear out customers guttering without the need of ladders.

We provide a 650-litre van mounted window cleaning system complete with Gardiner Pole Systems water fed poles, a professional hose reel, Grippatank gutter vacuum set up with 50mm carbon poles, van sign writing, your workwear, free pure water if needed, planning and accounts software, expert training for as long as you need it. We also supply you with an agreed amount of repeat work so you have no marketing costs at all.

The franchise entitles you to trade under the name of “Plumtree Window Cleaning”, a respected and recognised local service. When you first start your franchise we supply a base round so your weekly turnover is over £300 per week. In subsequent weeks your workload will be increased to suit your requirements up to an agreed maximum.

The franchise fee doesn’t include a van. You will need to acquire a suitable van. It doesn’t have to be new, but it must be legal, clean, tidy and presentable. Van colour must be white and have a payload of around 1000kg.

Building your business

Almost every franchised business requires the new franchise owner to find his own customers, so even after paying £15K, £20K or even £50k you still start with nothing. Even worse, with most businesses you need a constant supply of new customers so a big percentage of your effort and income is directed at marketing rather than earning.
With our franchise, all the work is provided so the new franchise owner can concentrate on learning the business and earning a good income from day one. We aim to build you a complete round with a turnover of around £60k within twelve to eighteen months.

Projected Earnings

An established Plumtree Window Cleaning Franchisee has average pre tax earnings* of around £45,000 per year with unlimited opportunity should you wish to employ staff or become an area franchisor and develop your own team. (*not including depreciation or interest)

Franchise Royalty Fee

Our franchise royalty fee is 25% of your weekly sales.


We provide intensive “one-to-one” training in all aspects of the business, this is followed by all the help, advice and encouragement you need on a daily basis for as long as you own your franchise.

All our work is completed using the “water fed pole” window cleaning method so there is hardly any ladder work when cleaning windows.


Looking to the future, there is scope to develop your business as far as you want to. Some of our franchise owners have multiple vans trading as “Plumtree Window Cleaning”.


  • Short hours – A competent franchise owner will not need to work more than 7 hours daily for 5 days a week to turnover £1,000.00
    You decide how hard you want to work!
  • Easy work – Compared with other cleaning businesses (carpets/ovens/kitchens etc) the work is not too arduous and easily mastered by anyone of average physical ability and determination.
  • Secure – The market is enormous, glass is everywhere you look. Although we are supposedly weathering the worst recession for many years Plumtree Window Cleaning has increased steadily throughout the entire period.
  • Satisfaction – There is nothing better than running your own business and enjoying the rewards of your own hard work.


  • Bad weather sometimes effect our schedule but by using the water fed pole method to clean windows you can carry on in moderate rainfall. Snow and strong winds do affect our service but we have not lost many days due to bad weather.

The next step

If you would like the chance to own your own business with the potential to earn more than you could in most factory or retail type work just complete the contact form on the customer service page. We’ll get together for a friendly no commitment discussion to see if there could be a future business relationship.Kind Regards,

David Wrightson